Jul 21, 2000


You betcha! Sometimes I wonder how much money corporations (especially Microsoft) made during that whole Y2K bug HOAX.

Anyway, It's 1:10 AM (again I'm not in bed) and I just finished working on another website. I'm going to post here the URL's for these websites, in case anyone (especially potential hirers) would like to see my work.

Konkapot Lodge

Metro Brokers - John Valenza Real Estate Services

Raven Development and Management (currently in progress)

LDSSA - University of Wisconsin - Madison

My Personal Website (always under construction!

And more to come! Anyway, that's a start! There are other sites I've managed, done some work on, etc. but I'm not going to list them. And as for the LDSSA site - I took one that was already developed and tweaked it a bit - I'm not sure who originally designed it but they did a wonderful job!

I better get to bed, it's late:) Long drive tomorrow (looks like I'll be driving my car after all). ¡Buenas Noches!

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