Jul 20, 2000

My Mac is faster!!! I'm so happy - my mother was given free used RAM, and offered to install it on my iMac, which only had 32MB of RAM. And man it was slow! I got so impatient waiting for Dreamweaver to churn through the processing. My mother was told it was another 32MB, but it really was 64MB! Which is totally awesome...now I'm up to 96MB - and I didn't have to pay a cent!

Last night was awesome at Institute - I met a girl from Spain, Gemma, and it was so nice hearing that familiar accent and speaking "my" kind of Spanish. The class was awesome as well...it was about how we feel the Spirit in many different ways, and I sure was feeling it DURING the class. Brother Christensen even read the article I wrote that was published in the NEW ERA in 1997 - to read it goto: What I Was Searching For.

Nauvoo trip tomorrow! Yeah! It should be great....it's been years since I've been there:):)

Well, better get back to work. Write more later!

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