Jul 16, 2000

Ok. So I have a stalker. Me or my sister, or Tara, anyway. For the past 3 weeks someone has been calling and hanging up. He (or she) used to do it just a few times a day, but now this guy is calling every hour. He started doing it on Sundays, too....and it cannot be a telemarketer. He listens to what we have to say and then hangs up. Talk about psycho! Anyway....I think we're going to get "Privacy Manager" put on our phone. We'll see if THAT takes care of him.

It's mid July!!!! Summer is almost over! In a way I'm glad (school means more money and more social life) but in a way I'm not (I'll miss OLVIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

A ver si este nos deja escribir con letras acentuadas. Olvia...¿Me lees? Tu tendrás que añadir algo a mi weblog de vez en cuando, chiquita banana........Quizas la letra de "The Belly Button Song". Jaja.....

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