Oct 15, 2001

Ok, it's October 15th, and I'm at work. After the tragic events of Sept 11th, things seem really different all of a sudden. I mean, just our way of life. Major things have not changed (at least in my personal life) but the things I'm accustomed to seeing and doing everyday are different. For instance - before Sept. 11, I was accustomed to seeing the American flag, a symbol of our country, our democracy, our freedom, and our love for country and for God, at businesses, schools, and of course during national holidays, as independence day. BUT now I see them everywhere - people are wearing them, flying them at their doors, from their cars - decals, ribbons - they are everywhere. And I think it is so wonderful to see the patriotism and the unity that only strengthened after the evil acts of some radical terrorist group. They had hoped to scare us and weaken us, but as President Bush said, we have only grown stronger, and united to defend our way of life, our liberty, and our country. As LDS I have been taught since I was young, as it is written in the Book of Mormon, that the United States of America is a chosen nation, one that is blessed by the hand of God, choicest above all other nations, and we are promised that if we only worship the Lord God of this land, namely Jesus Christ himself, we will never be put into bondage or enslaved by the hands of other nations or wicked people, i.e. in this case, this terrorist group Al Queda. BUT as President Hinckley told us during general conference last weekend, this is the crux of it all - and although this great country is filled with corruption, sin and pestilence (as we can plainly see by watching our televisions or even going out onto the street) as long as there are righteous people, and there are many in this country, this promise will stand and we will not fall under the destruction that happened to Babylon of old or Jerusalem around 600 B.C.. These cities were destroyed because there were no righteous people among them, and the perversities and corruption were horrible. In a sense, this proves that just ONE person can make a difference, or save a nation. Because as long as there is ONE, or a few, righteous people, we will prevail as a nation. And this brings me comfort and a sense of peace. It's not saying that horrible things can't happen to us, and they do, as evidenced by Sept. 11th, or that righteous people will not suffer by the hands of the wicked, or become martyrs, because this happens all of the time now as it did in ancient times, BUT as a nation we will stand - and that is what counts. However, the same thing could happen that happened to Jerusalem around 600 BC - that there are so few righteous people, that Heavenly Father might command that small group to leave, and therefore destroy the city, as he did with Lehi and his family, and he sent them to the new world. So it's not right to think that a person can get away with sins and perversions just because his neighbor is a righteous person who tries to uphold his beliefs. This is a calling for all - every child and adult not only in the US but in the world.

I'm beginning to sound like a televangelist so I'll shut up now. I am just writing this to confirm my own thoughts, not to preach to others. It might interest the few who read this what I think, but by no means am I condeming anyone or their way of life. Although I would love to share the precious gift that Heavenly Father has given me with others, and sometimes I try too hard to do that and in turn push people away, in fact I believe that as long as you are happy with who you are, and feel that you are doing what is right and best, then God will bless you beyond your wildest dreams. And I will not judge you, despite the fact that we may disagree. I believe in the celebration of diversity - and when you think about it, if we all were the same and believed the same stuff, this world would be a dull, dull place :)

Just food for thought:) I feel better just getting this out. I better get back to work now.

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