Feb 25, 2002

Not much to say, except that I'm really looking forward to going to Puerto Rico at the end of next month, during Spring Break:) Well, I no longer have Spring Break because I'm no longer a student, but hey, that's ok:)

Oh, and most of my last entries, ignore them. My obsession is over. I finally feel free. I'm not saying my heart has changed, but I've changed quite a bit in the last three weeks. And for the better.

Okies, what else? I received my diploma in the mail last week:) Finally, it's official:) I had my graduation party this weekend, and my family bought me an iPod! It is the coolest thing in the world - I already have 77 songs on it. Firewire is so awesome, it uploads really super fast. The slow part is getting tracks from my CD's or downloading MP3's from Limewire. I'm going to buy an FM transmitter today so that I can use it in the car, yes!

I also bought a Sony Vaio laptop. In my line of business, it's necessary to have both PC and Mac. So now I have 3 computers. I actually like the PC alright - it has Windows XP and Bahman, a friend of mine who sold it to me, left on all of his previous software so that I didn't have to go buy any of it. It has like 800 a MHZ processor, 256MB ram, 15 GB hard drive, DVD-ROM, Pentium III Processor....it's like a year old but definitely good enough for me. It was a higher end Vaio when they came out. The screen is bigger than my iBook so that is nice, too.

I think I might have a buyer for my car, and I really hope so because insurance premiums are due on Mar 6th. Anyway, Cristina and Heath might buy it, cause he had to give his car to his mother.

Yes, that's right, my friend Cristina is getting married, possibly as soon as April 6th. I just found out yesterday. Well, she and Heath have been talking about it but he was waiting for mission papers, and they were planning on it for 3 years down the road. (Heath is from Madison, I met him here at church institute). They are actually pretty darn good for each other. Anyway, he was told that he wasn't supposed to serve a mission, so he called her up and said, "let's do it!". Anyway, kind of an emergency place to stay, I am again offering my futon to Cristina until she gets married (or goes back to Spain, I'm not sure how the green card process works). It will be fun having her around, and it is so wonderful to see these miracles happen to my friends, and to see how everything just works out right for them. I just wish I would have such miracles in my life. I'm not feeling sorry for myself, mind you, I am very blessed and finally happier about that, but it's just another one of my friends who is getting married and won't need me anymore. I really am one of the last ones, and that hurts. But I can't do much about that. I don't even have anyone in my life, and my heart isn't exactly ready for anyone yet, anyway.

So I will continue on...as I should.

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