Apr 4, 2002

Puerto Rico was great! I got a great tan, lying on the beaches of the Carribean and the Atlantic. Talk about gorgeous, crystal-clear water! We even went horseback riding on the beach. I really love Puerto Rico. It was like a combination of my two favorite places in the world: the USA and Spain. It was so gorgeous. Talk about awesome - hiking through the Yunque (the rain forest) tanning on the beaches, visiting old Spanish fortresses, going out on a boat on the ocean....and seeing Olvia! Not to mention meeting some great new people:)

I decided that I'm going to take the Foreign Services Written Examination on Sept 21st of this year. I think I know what I want to do with my life. I have a great job right now, but I didn't go to school and get a BA in Spanish for no reason. Web and graphic design is fascinating and a great hobby, but not what I want to spend the rest of my life doing. What I want to do is become a Foreign Service Officer with a career in Public Diplomacy. I have several examinations, background checks, etc to go through before I could get a job, and studying for the written examination, but it sounds fascinating, and incorporates everything I want to do. Not to mention that most FSO's spend at least 60% of their career overseas! Perhaps I could be an officer based in Europe (Spain!). The best part is, if I pass this examination I don't have to go on and get another degree. But I might anyway, in International Relations, because the starting pay will be higher with the more degrees that I have. But even if I start with just a Bachelor's, the starting pay is a thousand more than I'm making now. So I wouldn't take a cut in pay.

I'm excited. I've been very unhappy with my life for awhile now and not understanding why, because I am so very blessed. But marriage and children are not my calling right now, so I might as well do something that interests me and allows me to serve and help others in the best way I know how.

So, I'm going to be a FOREIGN SERVICES OFFICER! A diplomat! WOW! :)

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