May 17, 2002

Right at this very second Cristina and Heath are in the Chicago temple, being married for time and eternity. At first when she told me about this whole marriage thing, I was very skeptical. She had proposed to Heath over the phone, while she was in Spain, without even knowing him that long. Their "love", once she was here, seemed artificial and almost forced. It was really weird.

But things have developed for the both of them, and I truly think this is right. I have a gift of knowing these things (about other people, anyway, not necessarily about myself) - I can almost always tell, especially in LDS relationships (but not limited to) when a relationship is "right" between two people. Sometimes I can even forsee their future together. Such as Christine and Ahlan - even before she would acknowledge him as more than a friend, I knew those two were destined to be together for eternity. Jenny and Jared - as much as Jenny hurt me and everything, I could still tell that they were meant for each other. Even Jackie and Joe seem to fit like that. Other people as well.

And I'm glad to say Heath and Cristina are in the same place. I was afraid they wouldn't be. I was afraid she was in love with the "idea" of love and not in love with him. But they will turn out just fine.

So I wonder when it will happen for me. I can't help but wonder. I trust people less and less. I try my hardest to always do the right thing. Anyway....

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