Jul 29, 2002

I can't believe it!!!! My baby kitty, the one I brought home last month, (his picture is on my website, even) the one I named Vader....IS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now tell me, how can a vet possibly mess that up? And how come I didn't check?

Well, it doesn't matter, I still love HER very very much...she's my princess now, and her name is Vader Belle...I'll call her Vadie at times as well. The home from where we adopted her was unfortunately burnt down a week or so ago. I just learned yesterday. All of Sue's animals (except the dog, who got away) died. How very very tragic. I would be so crushed...and she is such a sweet lady. I hope that things will work out for her and her husband and that they can get back on their feet soon again.

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