Oct 22, 2002

All I can say is...HOLY CRAP! You wouldn't think life could get any better, but it has! Reid sent some URL's of sites I've done to his boss, and his boss called me yesterday, and wants me to work on 2 prototypes (of the front page) of 2 clients they have. If he likes the work (and I'm assuming as well if the client likes it) he has much more that I can do! This is so exciting....now the ball is in my court but I am determined to wow their socks off. I am becoming increasingly unhappy at my current job, because of the lack of pay and the fact that to be reclassified I have to basically start all over. But this, on the side, will dramatically help my income.

So, once I steadily build upon that income, and get rid of my liabilities (such as my 2nd car, for instance) I can start with some financial planning, investment, etc. I am currently reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert T. Kiyosaki, and it has been the most enlightening thing I have read in years! (yes, even better than any textbook). I can't wait to continue on my progression of financial awareness. I actually formed a lump in my throat today, when I was reading it during lunch, and I cried, yes tears came to my eyes, as I realized that my future is no longer looking bland and cold.

So, the last several weeks have been raining blessings from God upon me. What have I learned? Well:

1. I am a very attractive woman, who has been getting quite a LOT of male attention these days (still a mystery to me!!)

2. I am a very intelligent woman, who deserves better than she has

3. I may owe lots of money, but I can get out of the RAT RACE

4. I really DO love to serve! As home evening leader, and now as a mentor to a young woman from Mexico

5. I can finally try to close the door on that past relationship that has haunted and plagued me for 7 years. He made his choice, and he has to lie in his bed, and I'm really getting close to the point where I don't care. He doesn't want to listen to what the Lord has to say, then well FINE. There are better men out there, and a certain one that I'm currently dating is quite the catch:)

6. I am becoming a better and better person each day - and didn't even think it was possible that such happiness could come to me as it has these past few weeks.

I am so excited about my life right now. I have not been this happy in over 7 years! The fact that I finally decided to let go and follow the words and commandments of the Lord has certainly a lot to do with it. He is blessing me beyond my wildest dreams, and of that I will forever be grateful.

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