Oct 15, 2002

I'm not sure what kind of mood I'm in today. I mean it's a good day, and I'm excited that I get to be in Times Square for New Year's Eve. Not that I'm this great partier...but I've always wanted to have a really FUN New Year's Eve, and I found round-trip tickets for like $145! It's the hotel that will be expensive, but it's worth it. I haven't been to NYC since the towers fell, and I want to pay my respects as well.

I have pretty much finished my Halloween costume. Sexy Angel, that's me:) Well, not too sexy - I will be wearing it to a church-related event so I have to work on the neckline a bit. But anyway, it's great:)

I had to take Vader into the vet again because she seemed to 'open' her stitches and there was a discharge. Well, I guess I worry too much because she was fine, and very happy when I removed the ace bandage from around her middle:)

I went on a date last Fri, we went to a cello concert (it was supposed to be a dance concert but those tickets were sold out). It was beautiful music, and the celloist had an accompanying pianist and also a clarinetist, which I was able to fully enjoy, knowing very well how difficult the pieces he played had to be! My problem with the clarinet (when I played it) was my fingers always locking up. You really need to have good fingers to play that thing, especially how he played it.

Not much else...we had tons of fun at Home Evening last night, because we had it at Bishop Hasler's house. They (he and his wife) were so wonderful...they gave us each prizes, trick-or-treat bags of candy, carmel apples and apple cider. It was great getting to know everyone better, and to see that people are genuinely happy in the group. Brian and I were so happy that we had a major turn out last night (normally at max we have like 8 people show up on Mondays at the institute). Brian was like, "I think we should have HE here every week!" The bishop also has a hot tub, and I guess my sister was supposed to tell me to tell everyone else to bring a suit along for afterwards. Well she forgot to tell me, and I didn't tell anyone else, and those who knew about it thought it was a joke, but they were totally serious:) They had cleaned it out and everything for us. To me it's no big deal, because we have a hot tub at the clubhouse, but some people don't have those luxuries every day...:)

Well, I better get back to work - an hour to go. I'm tired of it but what else can I do - this is my life! But only for now:)

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