Oct 21, 2002

Ok so I'm an open book:) But I just had the greatest weekend I have had in a long time, even though we didn't get to do everything we wanted to do, and some mishaps occured. Like...I broke the fish tank by running into it with either my hip or my fist (I really don't know which!) - lucky there was another one, a 20 gal...but a 20 gal to house 2 fish? Anyway, Reid was such a great guy and helped me clean up the mess and transport the fish from one tank to the other:) Then we went to the dance that night, only to find out (to our dismay) that it was a ho-down! So we ended up playing Yahtzee until it ended.

The next day we went to church, came home and discovered that Beau decided to leave a little present for Reid...he urinated all over his grey microfiber shirt, the one I liked so much! I'm not sure what posessed Beau to do that! Unless he's scared, he doesn't go out of the litter box. And it had to be him (not Vader) because there was sooo much of it. I was so embarassed. Reid was a good sport and just bagged it up and took it with him, but I couldn't believe my cat did that! I mean, Reid accidentally stepped on him on Fri - and Beau generally doesn't like men, period, but this is ridiculous! My friend suggested that perhaps it was because it had Reid's scent on it - another male in the house, and Beau was doing what was natural - marking his territory. Teehee...it is kinda funny, but I was still upset with Beau. But I guess he can't help it:)

Anyway, I was just so impressed with Reid. He was ever the gentleman. When he got to my apartment he found that he was in the company of four women; one who had just broken up with her boyfriend and was crying, the other who was bored and didn't expect her husband to be back until late, and then Laurie and I. He took it in stride. We all went bowling, and the man paid for all of us, bought us sodas, and even food. What a sweetheart! What can I say? He really is. And soooooo funny - my sister told me she thought he was hilarious. He has an excellent sense of humor, and it brought smiles to my face every minute of the day:)

Well, now that I shared my wonderful weekend, I better get back to work. I just feel so blessed lately in my life, like everything is falling into place, I'm finally have fun and enjoying my present, and it is such a wonderful feeling.

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