Oct 8, 2002

Well, I got the overdress down for Laura's medieval princess costume, which is good. Sometimes I amaze myself - didn't think I would ever be able to sew something like that. But it is really cute, and once we get the trim on there it will look quite regal.

Tomorrow I have to take Vader in to be spayed. I know they do this all the time, but I still worry. She's my baby, and I don't want anything happening to her! So of course I'm paying for the extra tests and what-not that will make sure she doesn't have any adverse reactions to anesthesia or whatever. We have to drop her off in Verona at 7:30, and then I can pick her up after my chiropractic appointment - around 4. In the meantime, I will be working from home. I also won't be going to institute tomorrow night because I have to watch her and 'baby' her, but that's ok:)

We think Vader is a chantilly cat. She is almost chocolate brown (especially in her rear quarters) and has the delicate facial features of a chantilly. Not to mention her little trills and chirps...she's so cute! I never regret once getting her. Yeah, I may have her for 20 years, but they will be certainly 20 years full of joy.

Let's see, what else...well I feel calmer about a lot of things. For one my job: well, the way I see it, I'm the most qualified. Plus everyone at the office loves my work, including my boss. I'm easy to get along with and work very well independently and also in a group situation. I've started some project management and that is also a bonus skill to add to my growing number of them. My graphic design is getting better, and my scripting (javascript) is most definitely getting better!

I'm in one of those moods where I want to be rebellious, or off-the-wall. I don't know what - I never act on these impulses, but I'm pretty sick of being a goody-good. Ok, so I recently did act spontaneously and did something I wouldn't normally do, but that is where the fun is:) And I certainly don't regret it. But I need more spontaneity in my life, more fun, and certainly less seriousness. I totally want to spice up my social life, I want to travel more, and I want to just get behind the wheel of my car and DRIVE. I want to go on a road trip, a short one or long one I don't care....but I'm really in the mood for it. Sunglasses, a Diet Coke, great music, great conversation....that's what I REALLY want right now. Just to DO something without a care in the world - leave everything behind me and go off on an adventure.

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