Nov 13, 2002

Ok, what do I want to do??? I got a great idea from Keith last night when we went to a home buyer's seminar. What we need in Madison is a nice, big home that we use sort of like a compound (think, Facts of Life) where 6 or more people could live. It would be lots of fun for LDS single students, that's for sure! I'd love to be able to buy a house that has like 3 or 4 bedrooms and do that.

I also really want to to start this exchange program. I decided I don't want to go back to school - I can still keep learning without paying the price. I owe too much as it is and I want to get that debt down; I certainly do not need to add to it. And the only way I could really afford Graduate School is if I had some sort of GA or TA position, and to do that, I'd have to quit my job or at least greatly reduce my hours, and my pocketbook simply cannot afford that.

I guess I'm at a crossroads in my life right now; I'm at a place where anything new can happen and there is nothing holding me back. I could move anywhere, work anywhere...and because of the uncertainty with my current job, I might just have to do that if all else fails. I can start a whole new life, and yes I can do it here in Madison, but I can do it somewhere else, too.

Maybe I can start this exchange program idea as a company and then later in life turn it into a non profit organization (or create a npo that works WITH it), but I need the expertise to know what to do. I'd need lawyers, accountants, educators, host families, liasons with universities and schools; I mean, it's a big job. Well, hopefully someday when I marry my husband will want to help me with it - that would be awesome:)

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