Jan 11, 2003

I have the best brother in the world. He called me from on the road last night, and when I told him what happened, he said, "you know where he lives, right?" I was like, "yeah." Then he said, "my blood is really boiling. I cannot believe this guy. And he has the priesthood? How dare he treat anyone, especially my sister, like that? Maybe a few of my buddies and I should pay him a visit." I love my brother. Of course I'd never want that to happen - why guys feel that fighting is the answer is beyond me. Besides, R knows judo and has been professionally trained - I wouldn't wish that on my brother. Of course, anger can give you immense strength. But anyway - it is nice knowing there are a few men in my life who love me so much that they would do anything for me. Topher is a wonderful guy. And his girlfriend is a very lucky woman. She has a man who knows how to treat women. Even in the past, when he's had relationship difficulties, he has always been honorable and gentle. He's friends with all his exes, because they know what a great guy he is. He's one in 10 million. I think he should offer training to the rest of the male population.

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