Jan 11, 2003

well, tomorrow afternoon my sister goes off to Spain. We're going down to the international terminal at O'Hare to see her off. I think her plane leaves at 4:45, so that means we have to be there around 2. I guess I won't be going to church tomorrow - oh well. I am going to miss my sister so much. We argue all the time but she's the only family I have here in Madison. Ok, I know I'm lucky - I have great friends here and my family isn't too far away, but even this past week since she's been gone at home it has been so quiet and lonely around here. Of course, nursing a broken heart doesn't help matters any. My friends have been great at keeping me busy. Keith and I went to Best Buy to shop around, Tara and I went to see "2 Weeks Notice", good movie, by the way, but I still cried because it was too close to home. If only R would act like Hugh Grant did in the end of that movie. But miracles like that just don't happen. People rarely change. Anyway - I spent one evening with Laura and we talked and went out to eat. Last night she came over and we watched "The Sum of All Fears". We agree that if George W hasn't seen that movie, maybe he should. Because it's eerily similar to where we are now. My greatest concern is - if Bush was in the same place as the president was in in this movie, would he have done the same thing and backed down? Probably not. I think he's a little too trigger happy and wants to avenge the mistakes of his father in the Gulf War. There are a lot of great things about Bush, but this is going too far. And the thing is, God has promised this, the promised land, protection from its enemies as long as we never went out and 'started' the fight. Meaning - in defending ourselves we find justice. But he's just going out there and wanting to start this war, and if he does I'm afraid we are going to see more of what is revealed in Revelations start happening. Because Islam will proclaim this a holy war, and the rest of the world isn't too happy with Bush right now, either. Doesn't he see the threat to our nation and to our people? Ok, I'm no political genius, I've only taken a few classes in international politics and there's a lot I don't know. I agree, something has to be done about Iraq, but proclaiming war on them just isn't the answer. All the bloodshed will fall on him, and consequently, on us. And the last days will truly be reaching their end.

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