Apr 10, 2003

Oh my, I hope this doesn't sound completely shallow, but as I watch the news (and I was so glad to hear about the cheering Iraqis and the fall of Baghdad yesterday) I see those soldiers, and I can't help but think how absolutely and devestatingly sexy they are. I don't know if it has anything to do with how I felt about Reid before, perhaps...I mean I got to see him in his fatigues and that was a major turn-on (which is weird, since I always avoided military men before). But I see these guys, fighting for what they believe in, working hard, sleeping little, living in such bad conditions...getting shot at by snipers, yelled at by others, not being supported by half of their country and by the majority of the world...I mean they are giving their all to be out there. To bring freedom to the Iraqis. To keep freedom strong here back at home. They are willing to give up their lives. What courage and what strength that must take! And they get nothing in return.

Maybe it's all that. I just see them on television and I keep thinking, "what marvelous men and women!" And the men...they look so wonderful (*sigh*). So courageous, and confident, and strong. That is what makes them so unbelievably sexy. I found this picture (I think it's by AP or Reuters) and I love it.

I just had to share. I'm so grateful for what they are doing over there. I wasn't all pro-war when this started, but to see how happy so many Iraqis are because their tormentor is losing control...well even if we don't find WMDs, it is still ok by me. I mean it is reprehensible going into war for any other reason other than the one you state...but as long as we aren't there for the oil, but are there to liberate the Iraqis...it still seems worth it. Just seeing those smiling faces are worth it. Hoo-ah, troops!!!

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