May 9, 2003

Well, yesterday was a really tough day. After a few weeks of Beau being a major pain in the butt...he's urinated on my down comforter 3 times, as well as gone outside the litterbox several times now...plays constantly in his water (even after I bought the $40 fountain from Petmate) drinks way too much, talks and talks...well...I decided to take him to the vet. So I dropped him off early yesterday morning before going to work. Laura helped me, because Beau hates travelling, and he needs someone to hold his carrier and pet him while we're in the car. So she was a great help. Well not much longer after I got to work, I received a phone call from his vet telling me that he didn't have an UTI...rather, he had high levels of glucose in his urine and they wanted to do a blood panel to check for diabetes.

Anyway...he definitely has diabetes. They called me later, telling me his blood glucose was at 578 (normal is between 76-145). So the vet wrote me a prescription and I went and got insulin and syringes for Beau. Then Laura and I went back to the vet to get Beau, and learn how to take care of him. The actual injection isn't a big deal - just have to inject him into the scruff of his neck, basically....and he doesn't even notice. But he will have to go back several more times at the most, at least once get blood glucose curves done to make sure he's getting the correct amount of insulin and is being regulated.

This is going to cost me a lot. I was very fortunate yesterday to have only spent $150 for both his urinalysis and blood panels, and also his medication. But the curves are going to cost more. Oh well...he's worth it. He might be 14 but diabetes isn't a death sentence. He can still live many happy, healthy years. I just have to remain consistent in his feeding, his medicating, and his activity levels. I have to watch him carefully, and if I go anywhere get someone I trust to administer to him. But Beau was so happy to come home yesterday afternoon. And a few hours into the injection, he seemed his old self again. So while this has cost me a lot, making him healthy and happy is the true reward!

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