Jul 9, 2003

Well, I might be healing, bit by bit. I do feel better, and didn't have any major relapses last week, so that's good. I was supposed to meet a new friend, but he ended up having to cancel, but it worked out ok because a friend who lives very far away called me and said she was going to be in Chicago and wanted to go to the temple! This was awesome, because I haven't seen her in over a year, plus when I went down to pick my sister up at O'Hare on Tues, the temple was closed. So we decided to take a road trip to Nauvoo. My sister got her recommend and she, my friend, Laura Catharine and I went on down. It was a great experience, minus the 105 degree, 100% humidity in the shade. But the temple was gorgeous and doing a session there was really an awesome experience. To see some pictures, go to: http://www.dulcedesigns.net/pics24/index.htm .

Well, I've been not doing so well since then...Beau received 2 insulin shots on Friday night while I was gone and he could have died of hypoglycemia...thank God that didn't happen. I was very upset with both Cristina for giving a 2nd shot when her husband already told us they couldn't help (so I got Gilly to do it) and then with my roommate for not telling Gilly how to test Beau's blood glucose, even when she did it for me for an entire day and was there when Gilly was freaking and said right to her "I don't know how to do this!". That just upset me to no end.

Oh well, life goes on. I better get back to work, but I thought I'd drop a blog.