Sep 29, 2003

I don't have much time but I just wanted to mention that I moved! So if you know me, and need my new address, please just email me and I'll send it to you.

Well, I am now teaching a course at the UW-Madison in web design, on Wednesday afternoons (this is in addition to my job). I have had two classes so far but it has gone well. I haven't taught since 1998, back in Spain, so it is nice to be doing it again. I must admit I do enjoy teaching college-aged (and older) students. I never could handle elementary or middle school. High school -- depends on the subject, I guess. AND the students. But while I do not feel teaching is my calling in life, I do enjoy it....a little. It is a great feeling being able to make a difference in people's lives....even for a short semester.

Well...that's enough for now. I better get going. I've been so busy but we just, finally, finished up cleaning the other apartment and I will be handing in the keys tomorrow. Everything is unpacked here at the new duplex.

Oh, I had to give up Babykins (Mikel) tonight. Cristina and Heath just moved into their new condo, so Mikel was able to go home for the first time. I hope he's ok without his friends Vader and Beau! He might be a bit lonely, but he will certainly still be loved:) I know I couldn't handle more than 3 cats (and what guy would date me, seriously) but at the same time I feel an emptiness and keep looking for him to come up and cuddle with me, or more his style - biting and scratching! But the past month since we've been fostering him, it's been quite interesting. Kittens are adorable and full of energy and life and they just put a smile on your face no matter what...even if they are biting you because they are teething. But he will come to visit his friends here on weekends so it's not like I won't ever seen him Mikail and Micaela. I will never see THEM again and they were half my cats. So I'm happy for him and happy for Cristina because she really needs Mikel in her life right now. And cats are great at giving affection and attention. So hopefully it will help her feel better!

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