Feb 26, 2004

Hmmm, well my feelings are kind of mixed today. I'm excited because I figured something out at work that we've been wanting to get for awhile now; basically, I figured out how to dynamically create a text box in a Flash file so that the text box would resize according to what text was filled in, and the table would dynamically generate. Ok so it doesn't sound THAT COOL, but it is. For those of you who are Flash aficionados, check out: National Pediatrics Cultural Competence website. Those little "concept viewer" boxes are all Flash, and if you click on the "Examples" tab you'll see what I mean. That whole thing is dynamically generated!! Cool beans!

Of course, there is also a flip side to everything. I'm still trying to get over my slump. Ok, so I will admit I'm feeling better today, but man, I really realized on my way to work this morning more reasons for what I'm going through. I love praying when I'm walking; it just makes me feel so much better. One thing I realized again was that my children are so important to this work. They have to be raised just right. I'm not scared at the prospect; rather I'm exhilarated and humbled at the same time. But it reminds me to continue to ask the Lord what his will is for me.

I wish I could talk to Jeremy. I want to tell him everything that has been going on in my life. I want to share with him like I used to, and have him share with me. He wasn't just someone I loved romantically, but he really was my best friend. We were so compatible on every level -- and I still feel that connection even though all this has happened. I miss him.

Well, enough for now. I better get back to work and get these tables working perfectly.

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