Feb 20, 2004

My, I'm quite "chatty" this past week. But, I find it more cathartic writing here then speaking with people about everything -- and that's a first for me. I just feel this time I shouldn't be speaking about it too much.

Anyway, the movers won't be here until 1 so I'm sitting here again with little to do. I have one box and it's packed, and even though I'm only moving like 50 feet away downstairs (this building is tiny!) I'm still going to have to go up and down those narrow stairs with boxes full of files and stuff. Well, at least the movers will get the computer equipment and stuff, and I don't have to worry about THAT!

I am so glad I met with my VT companion and one of our sisters on Tuesday. I thought I knew all there was to know about faith, yet I was so wrong about how it worked. Knowing that when I'm confused or uncertain...exercising that particle of faith is all I need to do. Why didn't I get this before? Cause I'm a blockhead sometimes:)

Well, time to cut this short. I gotta try to get something done before I move:)

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