Feb 28, 2004

So what is with that Quizno's commercial anyway? Those spongmonkey things are really scary. Who wants to hear some kind of rat-like thing sing about food? Talk about deranged....but, I must say, genius advertising.

Not that I watch too much TV anymore. I don't know, but I have been changing in a lot of departments. Maybe I'm just getting older, I dunno, but I rarely listen to the radio anymore; and I find myself listening to classical or modern opera music. As for TV, other than a few favorite shows I have, I just keep it off. I'd rather be reading, or listening to an audio book, or listening to/reading the scriptures.

Speaking of change, that reminds me of something that a co-worker said to me last week. His comments just floored me. We were talking before a meeting, and I asked him how Lela, his wife was. Bahman and Lela are from Iran, and they are a wonderful couple. They invited me over for dinner last year. Anyway, Bahman told me Lela was doing well. Then he said that she had asked about me, and he told her how much weight I had lost. She wanted to know my secret! I just stared at him. I didn't realize I had lost weight in the past year. I sure don't see it when I look at myself. But the working out and the cutting out of a TON of sugar really must have made a big difference. I used to drink like 3 cans of sugared soda a day, until one day I decided to wain myself on the soda. I knew I still craved carbonation, so I switched to Diet. After I got sick on May, I switched to Caffeine Free Diet. Little by little, I am changing my diet. I find myself now, after talking to Jeremy and his ideas, drinking more water and even less diet soda. I am walking a lot more. I am eating less red meat. I know it's just little stuff, but I know that what I want to do is make a lifestyle change, not go on a crash diet, because diets never work. Lifestyle changes, however, do.

I am finding that when I take things step by step, I am able to accomplish a lot more than when I try to tackle it all at once and get overwhelmed. I am actually changing a lot about myself much quicker this way than I would if I had done it any other way. I'm grateful for the people who have encouraged me to do what I needed to do to become a better person. I am especially grateful for Jeremy; again, that man has really encouraged me in so many ways and he doesn't even know. He might of thought he had little influence on me, but he has made a great impact. I will always be grateful for that.

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