Mar 31, 2004

At institute I watched a seminary video, one that I hadn't seen before. It is about training a white Arabian horse. The master says that his horse has strength and can survive wonderfully even in the hottest, most difficult deserts, simply because of his obedience.

As a young colt the Arabian is taught to obey. The master rings a bell, and at first, the colt does not listen. He just stubbornly shakes his head and continues to do what he wants to do. Soon, someone leads the colt to his master while his master rings the bell. The colt does not receive treats or anything; he simply is acknowledged lovingly by his master. Eventually, he comes immediately at the sound of the bell.

But his test is not done quite yet. There is one ultimate test he must pass, or he will not survive in the desert. His master ties him up, about 3 yards away from a drinking pool, and leaves him there in the hot sun and overnight. 24 hours later, the master unties the stallion. He immediately rushes to the water, parched for thirst. As soon as he reaches the water's edge, his master rings the bell.

The film ended here. But I can draw the similarity to Proverbs 3:4: "Trust in the Lord with all thy heart, and lean not unto thy own understanding." To pass the test, the stallion must trust in his master, and recognize that obedience is the first thing he must do. By obeying, he can know that his master will lead him and guide him to the water and even greater blessings.

I loved this story. It reminded me of Abraham. He trusted in the Lord, and he obeyed when the Lord commanded him to sacrifice Isaac. But by obeying, and trusting that somehow the promise he was made would be fulfilled, he learned that indeed it was.

I'm looking forward to General Conference. I'm not sure why; I mean, I always am uplifted and learn a lot, but I'm actually anxious for it this time around. Who knows what new and exciting programs they might introduce? Maybe President Hinckley has some profound news for us. Maybe it's that I'm really going to learn something or gain an understanding of something that I have yet to learn. I don't know, but I'm excited.

Well, on a lighter note, here are just a few silly photos of me, in case any long-lost friends or relatives happen upon my site and want to know what I look like these days (yeah, it changes - especially eye and hair color, even though I think I'm going to stick with the more natural blonde from now on).

Photo one
Photo two

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