Mar 12, 2004

"Dude, I got a Dell!". Yes, I had to go to UPS yesterday morning to pick up my Dell Axim. They tried delivering it on Wednesday which I didn't expect, because Dell told me they wouldn't ship it until Friday. But anyway, I went and picked it up. It is sweet and very inexpensive.

I have to say, Apple still rocks the PC department, but if you have to go with a Microsoft-based OS, then I'd definitely say Dell is the top of the line. Obviously educational systems agree with me; the university here uses both Apple and Dell.

Anyway, as for our cruise next month, well it's sold out. So we have to try and find another one that costs the same or less...or do something else. I'm bummed, but hey, that's life. This stuff always happens so why should I be surprised?

I just live always with the hope, though, that someday something marvelous will happen; something that will just surprise the heck out of me and make me cry with tears of joy. Well ok, that already happened in December. I could not believe how the Lord had blessed me, after all this time. Then suddenly it's taken away. You can imagine how that feels.

Well, Laura accepted a position as faculty at BYU. I'm happy for her. You know I have been thinking about Utah lately too...and you know what, despite how much I disliked it when I was at BYU, I loved Salt Lake City. I have to admit that summer I spent there was the best summer of my life, and the most spiritual. I remember going through the temple visitor's center and receiving a strong impression that I would raise my family there. Of course, after my whole BYU experience, I buried that impression and tried to forget about it.

Yet, the Lord reminded me of it again on Sunday. I guess I shouldn't fight it. If that is where I end up, then that is where I end up. I guess it makes sense; considering what I know about my future family.

Ok, well...again, I have really matured over the past few months. It's interesting being able to see it when it's happening and not just after the fact. I just wish, though, that my miracle would happen. I have been waiting my entire life for it.

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