Mar 22, 2004

Last night Keith invited me to go to Orlando with him in June. A friend of ours who moved from Madison to Orlando in January met her eternal companion and is getting married on June 5th. If I don't end up going in April (which it looks like I'm not) perhaps I'll take him up on his offer. It sounds like fun, and spending time with a good friend sure wouldn't hurt, not to mention that I have never been to Florida.

A June wedding. I have always wanted a June wedding. June 14th or 15th. My sister would hate that since her birthday is the 16th, but the middle of June has always been my ideal wedding. I can't help it; I'm a hopeless romantic. I know June is the most popular month fo weddings, and usually my rebellious nature would convince me that I would have my wedding in any other month than June, but, well...this is me.

I'm happy for Sarah. It seems like everyone is getting married. I can't help but be a tiny bit jealous; of course, it's natural, since my own engagement went completely downhill. But she is a nice girl and deserves to have found true love. Neither her or her fiance have family who are members, and therefore there is no one to be there with them. This is why Keith is going down there. I'd like to be there, too; she was the former Enrichment counselor in our Relief Society and I worked with her on our Enrichment nights for several months.

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