Mar 10, 2004

So what's with the gas prices anyway? I stop to get gas on my way to work this morning, and while I'm pumping, I realize that I'm paying $1.73 a gallon...for the cheap stuff! I guess maybe I should read some of those forwards people send me and then I wouldn't have been so unpleasantly surprised...

Anyway, next week is Spring Break. Everyone is going somewhere and doing something fun. My sister is off to Spain on Monday. I'll be all alone at my house and I'm not looking forward to it. Well, Cristina might be there off and on, at least until she finds a job down here in Madison, but I'm going to be so bored and so lonely. *sigh*.

Ok, well enough feeling sorry for myself. I am going on a cruise next month. Plus I just heard from Gate's Auto Body; they were the most expensive estimate yet my insurance company sent them a check so they will be working on my car. This is great news, because they are the ones who offer free loaner cars! This way I will save money on a rental. They will have my car for maybe 4 days, but as long as I have something to drive, I should be ok.

Actually, I just remembered -- my sister is going to be gone all next week. I could probably drive her car around instead of theirs...but maybe it would be nice to have an automatic for awhile. Well, it's something to think about.

The Lord really has blessed me immeasurably, and I'm very aware of that. You know, I keep saying it, but I am just so in awe of how he has helped me to change so much in the past month. I'm not in awe of myself (although I'm pleasantly surprised) but I'm in awe of God, and how, by just letting Him in and listening to Him, one's life can completely change. I've been a member of the church since I was 2 so I never really went through a 'conversion' process...I was always a very peculiar child and I've always had a testimony. Yet I've always greatly admired converts, and while my conversion story isn't like most, because I already had a testimony of the gospel, mine is about a conversion to the application of the gospel in the areas of my life where it needed a lot of work.

I'm so excited. It's so cool to see the change that I have known was needed in my life but I had no idea how to do it! I'm excited to learn so much more about my own mission. I'm excited to help others with theirs. I just can't get over it; the miracles I have experienced lately are so marvelous...I am so utterly grateful.

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