Mar 1, 2004

"They got a pepper bar!!!"

LOL I'm sorry, maybe I'm obsessed with that commercial, but it's toooo funny.

So it looks like I am going to go on a cruise to the Bahamas the first week of April! Well, I would have to work overtime and on Saturdays for the next 4 weeks to make up the 32 hours I would miss of work. It all depends on Julian, my boss. Les, my project manager said he was fine with it. I know how Julian is too and I'm sure he'll be fine as well. I have my annual review next week anyway. I'm still hoping to get a G4 PowerBook out of him - man I could really use one at work!

Anyway, if I can go that will cheer me up considerably. Laying out on the sun deck, getting a tan...yeah. I would go with my mom and Auntie C. I wonder if a 4th person is going to go, because I think things are cheaper when you go in twos.

But, Nassau and Grand Bahama Island...hmmmm sounds fantastic. And they found tickets for super cheap as well...airfare and the 5 day cruise only cost under $500 (plus tax, I'm sure). They went on a cruise last year around Mexico and absolutely loved it...I was so jealous!

Cristina will hopefully be replacing Cindy as our roommate. Cindy is moving out April 1st...and right now Cristina doesn't have a job and the poor girl is going through a lot of crap with her divorce, bills, and everything. I told her she can stay here for a month, try to find a job, and I'll cover her expenses and her food. Hopefully that will help her, plus she can then be with Mikel whom she loves very much and is her only family right now. Well that's not true, she feels at home with my family and loves them dearly (all my friends think of my family as their''s so cool....even though I always wonder why because my family is so weird!!! :) But I never thought in a million years I'd be rooming with Cristina and that she'd be single again. Well, not technically for about a year. I guess it's a good thing she doesn't want to date or anything right away because I know she's not allowed to if she wants to keep a good standing in the church. But she has so much faith and is so much stronger than I ever gave her credit for. We have been so good for each other and helping each other through our own crisises. I know hers is a lot more difficult...a TON more difficult, and I think that knowledge helps me to have a correct perspective on my own problem. But she is so empathetic and she understands completely. She met Jeremy and really liked him too, and it just boggles her mind that this all happened.

We both know, though, that the things we are going through are "for our own good." So it's all about taking it in stride and focusing on our blessings.

I'm so surprised that I have not felt any anger during the past 3 weeks. Some righteous indignation, definitely....and sometimes I get to that point where I'm like, "he has NO IDEA what he just gave up." But for the most part, I reocgnize that it takes two to argue and it all goes both ways. The whole Reid situation and how angry I got with him really did teach me a lesson that I'm grateful for. I would have never forgiven myself if I had gotten as angry and cruel with Jeremy. I love him too much to ever do that.

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