Mar 19, 2004

Well, I got these cool new blue contacts. I have a picture of me wearing them, plus wearing my "new" color of the season: PINK. View picture.

Well, I just got done talking with someone at the new Princeton Club; the new health club facility on the west side. It's supposedly the largest health club in the nation. Anyway, for only $15 more a month I can do so much more than I'm doing at my current club.

Right now all I'm doing for $35/mo is circuit training. Half the time is spent on muscle toning machines, the other half on aerobic exercise. They play music, but it's never music I like. Heck, I can buy one of those iPod belts and listen to my iPod while I work out at this new place. PLUS, all that is included is facilities for basically every sport imaginable, tons of different classes (I'd like to take water aerobics), lap pools, hot tubs, courts, basketball..and even a personal trainer is included in the fee! They'll even give me a free week to try it out, so I'm going in next Wednesday to check it out.

I think with a personal trainer and all these different activities, PLUS it's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I will find something I love. I like that you don't have any initiation fees and you don't have to pay a full year up front. That IS nice.

My sister really wants a PT as well, so maybe I can talk her into joining with me. It's a bit pricey, but for all that they offer (plus there is massage and tanning, although that isn't included in the price) I think $50/mo is worth it. There are often times at night when I get restless and would like to do something, but my current club is closed at 8pm. They are also closed after 12 on Saturdays.

So this sounds like something fun, not to mention healthy. I look forward to learning more about what the club has to offer and trying to find my niche. I have a deep desire to become the healthiest person I can be, and this may help me go up a step from where I have been.

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