Apr 6, 2004

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It is 70 degrees out right now! I swear, the weather in Wisconsin is nuts. You have to have a good immune system to live here; one day it's 40 degrees, the next it's 70, then the next day you're down to 32. You never know what to wear, so there's no packing away winter clothes in the Spring, or packing away summer clothes in the Autumn -- at least not around here.

Someone decided to screw around with my car yesterday. I believe it was my neighbor's son, since it appears my neighbor is gone. His son would have reason to do it, too -- he likes to race his car up and down the street at 90 mph..and of course he's taken off the muffler, on purpose. I threatened to call the police on him and also told our landlady. Well, I had to park my car outside because Cindy was finally getting the rest of her stuff, and I left it there for 5 hours. I came home early yesterday because I wasn't feeling well, so I arrived home in the daylight, I wasn't listening to my iPod, nor was I charging my phone -- so there was nothing to leave on. When I went out at 10pm, my neighbor's son and his friend were sitting at the end of my driveway talking. When I came out they hushed and stared at me. I tried to get into my car, but my F.O.B wouldn't work. So I used the key. The thing was dead. Not almost dead, not quite dead, but DEAD. I got out and ran inside to ask Cristina to give me a jump. When I came out, they were sitting in his car, looking at me and laughing. I was so furious! I think I left my car unlocked, and I don't know what they did; go in and turn my lights on? I'm not sure, but whatever happened my battery was completely drained.

I swear, kids these days have no respect for their elders or for the property of others. Ok, well not all kids, but this is just really immature. Besides, I can't prove that anyone actually did anything to my car, so there is no use calling the police. All I know is that I don't want to leave it outside anymore, but since we have to take turns using the garage, there will be weeks when I'll have to.

Hmm...Friday at noon or 1 I'm leaving for Nauvoo. It's going to be a 7 hour drive, and I have to go all alone. I'm not really looking forward to that. It's not like I'm needing time alone -- it will just cause me to think more about everything, and miss Jeremy even more. The wedding is at 1PM on Saturday, and after that, I have to get back in my car, drive 9.5 hours straight up to Bowler, so that I can spend Easter morning and part of the afternoon with my family. Then I have to come back Sunday night (2.5 hours) so that I can be at work again the next day.

The UW doesn't seem to believe in giving us off for Easter. Good Friday, Good Monday....we all have to work, or take vacation.

Well, I may not be looking forward to driving alone that whole time and putting miles on my car, which brings me closer to the expiration of my warranty, but I am looking forward to being inside a temple once again. I literally am craving it. I need that peace and that solace. I need it soon, before I go crazy. My emotions are at a high again, and I noticed that I began to feel sorry for myself again. I have to nip that in the bud now, before the Adversary takes advantage of my situation and tries to convince me that the negative feelings of self-worthlessness and loneliness are valid. I am tired, I will admit that. I am spiritually tired, but I'm still determined. I will get through this all somehow. Of that I have no doubt.

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