Apr 22, 2004

Good workout:) Anyway, here is an interesting link about something that I knew existed, but didn't know there was a term for it, much less a whole governmental program that used it to obtain intelligence and other information otherwise 'inaccessible' through conventional means of obtaining such.

Anyway, I can't get into detail because I can't explain it well, but here is the link a friend sent to me. It's about an LDS man (Paul H. Smith) who actually was a 'psi' spy for our government using this very technique.

Here are two paragraphs to whet your appetite (especially if you are LDS):

"As we learn from LDS teachings, our lives did not start with mortal birth, contrary to what many other religions believe. Rather, we lived in a "pre-existence" as spirits. Spirits, according to the missionary discussions I learned when I was on my mission, could speak without talking, could cross distances without walking, and could presumably through some intangible way know things about places other than where they were--all because they had as yet no physical bodies. By what we learn from the scriptures and writings of prominent early church leaders, these notions seem to be accurate. 

When we come into this existence, our spirits in some way become bonded to/with our bodies. We also pass through a "veil," which prevents us from knowing anything about the spirit world from which we came. However, though we may have lost awareness of our celestial origins, it says nowhere that we lost our previously-held spiritual abilities. At most, it seems to me, we may have forgotten them along with everything else when we "came through the veil." So I suspect that whenever a person develops some sort of "psychic" skill, he or she is just "remembering"--usually in rather imperfect form--spiritual abilities and skills they have always possessed, but only fleetingly and vaguely recall while in mortality. In this case, remote viewing may indeed be an attempt at "spiritual seeing" filtered through the heavy screen--"a glass darkly"--of our physical mental processes."

I highly suggest reading this...especially those of you who refuse to believe that the empirical "reality" as defined by materialists is all there is to our world. Paul H. Smith goes into a lot of wonderful ideas, connects the parapsychological to the Holy Ghost, etc...it is a definite must read for anyone who is even remotely spiritual and believes in "evidence of things not seen" :)

CONFESSIONS OF A MORMON PSYCHIC SPY: What My Seven Years as a Government Remote Viewer Taught Me About the Gospel.

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