Apr 19, 2004

HOLY COW! I feel great! I really got those endorphins kicking;) I went to the Princeton Club today, for the first time (my membership just started today) and I was there for two hours. I did 30 minutes on the cycle, 10 minutes on the ellyptical, 10 min on the stairmaster, swam 10 laps, did a few laps in the warm current pool, relaxed a bit in the eucalyptus steam room (that sure helped my sinuses:) and then sat for a bit in the whirlpool.

My arms hurt, ironically, even though I worked my legs more than anything tonight, but man, I rock! I enjoyed myself too; I went with my sister since with my membership she got a free month, and we had fun. I haven't sweated like that in ages, or so it seems. Much more of a workout than at my previous gym. Plus a lot more stuff to do, and if you bring headphones, most of the machines have their own TV with cable so you can watch your shows while working out:)

I hope I can get this to be habit -- of course I won't have 2 hours every day to do this, but at least 40 minutes 4 times a week should do the trick:)

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