Apr 17, 2004

I got my ring back today. Although part of me is sad, I guess I'm glad to have it. This ring has been with me for the past 10 years, in Utah, in Spain...through everything. It's nice to again have it on my finger.

You know, I realize that Jeremy must think I hate him. But this is so not the case. I understand the necessity of everything we have both been through. He really is my best friend, and despite everything else that we went through, I don't want to lose that friendship. I understand his decision, and I accept it. He doesn't want me to wait; therefore if an opportunity arises, and the Lord tells me it is ok to love again, and to be married, then I will. As I have said before, I will always have faith in the word of the Lord, and believe the words He speaks to me.

I wasn't ready to be "just a friend" the first time Jeremy asked; right before we broke up. I was afraid I never would. But I am ready and willing now. I have done it before, and because of my experiences I know that friendship really is the most important, most sacred, and most memorable part of any relationship.

Jeremy's friendship was, and still is, the most important and precious thing he gave to me. I miss his friendship.

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