Apr 3, 2004

I have really enjoyed General Conference so far. The first session this morning was especially poignant for me; I felt as if the entire session was directed towards me, especially Elder Eyring's talk. I just felt the spirit so immensely, and my love for our prophet and our General Authorities has just grown even stronger.

I eagerly look forward to tomorrow's conference sessions.

I just got back from a suprise bridal shower for April. I had prayed beforehand that I could go and that I could genuinely have fun, and remember....this is not about me. I prayed that I wouldn't feel sorry for myself amidst all the joy, wedding preparations, etc. I was really afraid I might slip, and April would see. This was her night, and I didn't want anything to spoil it.

I'm grateful that I succeeded, and not by just "faking" it. I was genuinely happy for her. I had fun talking to Doug and getting him to answer all these questions to see how well April knew him. The game was fun; for every question she got right, she got to open a present. For every question she got wrong, she had to stick two sticks of Big Red in her mouth. I guess I asked too difficult of questions, lol, because she had quite a bit of gum in her mouth when all the questions were answered.

It went fine. It was more than fine. It gives me hope that my trip to Nauvoo next Fri and Sat will turn out the same way. While I worry about how I will react when I'm inside that sealing room, I am anxious to get back down there. I haven't been to the temple since July and I really need to be there. Now that I know that I can, I am eager to feel that spirit and the peace that only exists in God's holy temples. The Nauvoo temple especially holds such a special place in my heart, and to be inside will most likely wipe away all the fears and the longings, and not the opposite.

Well, Laurie is calling for me; she wants me to watch "Brother Bear" with her. I better go. I'll probably write more tomorrow after conference.

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