Apr 14, 2004

I have this horrible cold that doesn't seem to go away. I've had it for like a month, it seems; I'm guessing I'm just being re-infected at work, since we all have had it at least once.

But...I got a lead on a family today who is interested in a foreign exchange student from Germany! This is great, because I was beginning to think I wouldn't succeed in placing even one student. I guess the woman heard from a flyer at church (Sun Prairie Ward), and her family is really, really interested. I will interview the family sometime next week, pending a place for the student at Sun Prairie High School, and then we'll have that student ready to come!

This is exciting:) I will be manning a few booths for CCI (Center for Cultural Interchange) at local community events to try and attract potential families as well. Maybe I will get some leads there, too.

Well, I can't say too much today, because my eyes are red and my head feels like it weighs twice as much as usual. I worked from home today for a few hours, but I really don't want to do that again tomorrow. Time goes by much quicker and I feel so much more productive when I go to work.


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