Apr 9, 2004

Well, I just got back from Nauvoo. You know, there is just something about temples. They just draw you to them. As soon as I saw the glowing white towers, I couldn't wait to get there, even though I knew I wouldn't be able to go inside until tomorrow. There is something especially about our white temples that draws me. I remember when I first saw the Washington DC temple; all I could say was WOW. It just suddenly looms ahead of you on the highway. I've heard that it has caused accidents, because suddenly this gigantic fairytale like white castle jumps out at you as you turn a bend on the interstate. Well, Nauvoo is different than the D.C. temple, but it's elegance, sacredness, and magic still called me. As soon as I sat down and looked up at all its majesty, I thought of the pioneers and everything they did to build the first Nauvoo temple. I thought of Joseph Smith, and Brigham Young, and Hyrum...I tried to imagine this little town of 1100 rivaling the city of Chicago (at the time). The drive along the Mississippi towards Keokuk is beautiful as well. It really is a gorgeous area.

Anyway, here are two photos that I took. Most of them turned out blurry, but these seemed to be pretty much ok.

Isn't it just gorgeous? How I love the Nauvoo temple! Oh how I wish...well...


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