Apr 9, 2004

Well, I just got into Keokuk. I left at 2 and stopped three times, so not bad timing. I was wrong about the 7 hours, obviously it's about 5.5 hours.

Anyway, Fairfield Inn offers high-speed internet access, and since I never leave home without my trusty iBook, here I am. I tried to stop in at Carthage jail on my way here, but it seemed to be closed. I think I'm going to head over to Nauvoo tonight and get some pictures of the temple at night. I missed that opportunity last July. Plus, just to be there by the temple; I love that feeling. I remember when I was at BYU and I just needed time to myself and to think and pray, I would walk over to the Provo temple, right across from the MTC, and go behind to the gardens. I loved that. I will do that again later.

Well, the drive wasn't too bad. Yes, I did think about everything some more, but it was soothing. Not too many annoying drivers, and hardly any road work.

So, after the wedding tomorrow, I might spend an hour in Nauvoo, and go to the Brigham Young home and the mansion house, at least. Then I will head up to Bowler and spend time with my family. My Aunt Maureen and Uncle Mike are there --- and I'm so excited to see them! Plus, my brother supposedly is coming too. I haven't seen him since Thanksgiving except for that quick pit stop he made to get some cash in December, so it's been awhile. I miss my little brother. Well, he's like a big brother to me now. Since we're all adults age plays so little importance.

Well, I'm going to rest awhile before heading out to Nauvoo. It's still light outside, anyway.

I'll write more later if I get a chance, but this supposed high speed internet isn't much faster than dial-up. Argh! I'm spoiled at home, I guess ;)

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