Apr 29, 2004

Well, it seems like my life has slowed down a bit. I don't have any new insights or things I recently learned to add to my blog. My life hasn't been exciting either, so there isn't much to share.

I don't know -- I'm doing better than I was earlier this week. I was a bit anxious and afraid but peace has settled back into my heart. There is comfort in receiving confirmation that I'm still heading down the right path. The Adversary likes to disrupt my moments of peace, and try to convince me otherwise, but I am getting better and better at recognizing him and his deceitful ways, and avoiding the traps he lies for me.

My sister has suddenly become so popular, especially with men. I'm happy for her, she is a great girl, and I think these guys realize that. She plays it cool though -- something I still need to learn *ironic smile*. She was on the phone all night yesterday; one person after another was calling her. But she is happy, and therefore I am happy for her! I'm not jealous. Well, I'm jealous of the male friendships, but I by no means want a serious relationship right now. I want time to become a better person before that happens.

Anyway, things are ok. It's been warm out, and we are supposed to get storms today. I hope we do, even though I forgot my umbrella (again!). I always feel so energized when we get storms.

Hmmm, I have nothing interesting to say! I guess I'll just end this here before I find something boring to write on and on about :)

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