Apr 5, 2004

Yesterday after Conference my sister invited Gilly over, and we got our grill back from Jeff, who was watching it while we lived at the other apartment (a city ordinance had passed a law forbidding grills on patios in complexes, so we had to get rid of it until we moved here). Anyway, we invited Jeff over too, and he brought his puppy, Trinity.

Last time we saw Trinity was in September, and she was just a baby. She and Mikel were both babies, and played together. This time, however, when Trinity tried to play with Mikel (Mook), he just hissed and ran away. I guess he grew up and realized he was a cat. Vader and Beau did the same thing. So Trinity had to hang around with the humans.

Here's a cute picture of the three black balls of fur (no Beau in this picture), all sitting on the cat tree. They are too cute!

(Vader is on the top, Mikel in the middle, and of course Trinity on the bottom tier.)

Well, anyway, it looks like I have a secret admirer. Someone who has been reading my blog left a comment earlier this morning on my last blog. Hmmmm, I'd think most people who read this would think I was some crazy zealot, or worse, a lunatic...well, anyway, it's nice knowing I'm not completely crazy ;)

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