May 30, 2004

Can't say much; Olvia doesn't have internet (imagine!!) but we came to to the CE computer lab here at the Purdue U campus because of a tornado warning. We are all using the computers as we wait out the storm.

Man, there are tornados everywhere!!!!! And she's used to Hurricanes, but not tornadoes.

On a lighter note, I saw my cousin today:) Sean, hmm, I mean ELDER Murphy, was very excited to see Laurie and I. He even gave a talk today! A wonderful talk on member retention and missionary service. He started his talk with a joke; has the same sense of humor as his grandpa (my Uncle Mike). It was so cool talking to him about family and all that...and hearing about how much he is enjoying his mission.

The people are sooo nice here too! It's small because it's summer and many students went back home, but I remember a few of these people from when I was here during Christmas:) Very friendly, especially the guys. They are just so down to earth and really nice!

Well, I better sign off. I'll probably write more tomorrow night after I get home from our trip, or Tuesday after I get to Chicago.

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