May 14, 2004

Holy crap! That comment on the last blog just floored me. I had no idea there was anyone out there who cared enough to defend my honor and to stick up for me (other than my own brother, but he doesn't get on the internet often). I've gotten to know James over the past few months and have found him to be a remarkable and extremely selfless man. He knows all the pain I am going through, but he still remains my friend despite my sometimes one-tracked mind.

Although, James, I think Jeremy already had his last chance. There is such a thing as forgiving; but there is also such a thing as preserving oneself. I thought I was strong enough to handle it, but I don't deserve this, and I never did deserve it. It would certainly take a miracle for me to trust again.

But James, you have left me utterly speechless. Thank you.

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