May 26, 2004

I've been experimenting with some new recipes lately. Last week I accomplished making a fantastically delicious spicy chicken quesadilla, using Pepper Jack and Cheddar cheeses and bits of southwestern spiced chicken. The secret though is in the sauce. It is delicious! This week I concocted a simple, yet tasty Chicken pie that even my sister liked so much she asked for seconds (and she hates pot pies). I used fresh potatoes and a puff pastry which really did the trick; plus, of course, veggies. It was yummy. I even finally used my Chopper this past month and I fell in love with it; heck, I haven't even turned on the electric one yet. This one cuts up onions and veggies so nice and small -- just the way I like them, and it rinses clean away! LOL I know it was a gag gift from Jeremy, but it was probably one of the most useful gifts I received:)

I like trying new recipes, but I also like making my own dishes as well. I'm doing what I can to not use meat as the main focus in a meal; as in the previous recipes, I didn't use much chicken. I also found a new love -- Gatorade's Propel fitness water. I've tried several flavors already and I love them all. They are water with a slight flavor; few grams of sugar, and packed with vitamins. I love sipping on one when I'm at the gym or at work. It's a great alternative to soda (even diet soda), that's for sure. Plus I'm getting more water into my system, which it needs.

I mowed the lawn today because it was another gorgeous, cloudless day (and not too warm). After I was done, the sun had set, so I climbed up onto the hill and just layed there, breathing in the freshly cut grass, staring up at the moon, and thinking. The smell of summer is in the air. I also smell change. I can feel it. Unfortunately, some of it won't be good. Considering this whole terrorist threat thing; well, the fact that a friend of mine had predicted just awhile ago that this summer would bring disturbing threats that may succeed in being carried out; well, when I heard the news this morning you can imagine my shock. I will admit that I had been pondering that same thing beforehand, and a sense of foreboding had come over me. I just hate that feeling. I know we are in the last days; I know peace won't be achieved until the Prince of Peace himself rules upon the Earth, but still -- I just worry. I also feel edgy because despite who I am; despite the fact that I am absolutely nothing (other than some graphic designer with a keen, almost eerie sense of intuition) I feel that I must play an important role in these last days. Not directly, I doubt...but this is the sense I am getting. My family; my husband; my children -- and it just feels like that future (which is still a ways away yet) is beginning with world politics, of all things. Now how can that be?? I don't get it, and it's confusing, and I'm trying to make sense of how the spiritual fits into all this; because it also has a lot to do with building God's kingdom here on Earth (aka...sharing the gospel).

Well, I guess that's enough provoking thought for now. I better get some sleep. I know that all i have to do is remember what we have been taught in the past several General Conferences about preparation; those who are righteous and hold to the iron rod shall not fear. I have no need to fear. I just need to continue to prepare; continue to work on becoming healthier, wiser, more spiritual, more intuitive, more loving...these are the things I need to focus on.

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