May 18, 2004

My mother just told me that my cousin Jason, who is in the Army and is in Korea, is being sent to Iraq, and will be there an additional year.

Why? Why does he have to go to Iraq? Why can't he stay in Korea? My poor aunt. Poor Alyssa! Oh this isn't fair. After all that has been happening in Iraq, my cousin gets new orders to be sent there?

I can't help it; I am upset. Haven't we lost enough of our troops? The Iraqis don't even want us there. They are assasinating our civilians, fighting with our troops, and screaming bloody murder.

I am proud of my cousin for his willingness to defend our country. I greatly admire and honor our troops over there and all around the world. I just wish they didn't have to be there in the first place.

I guess all I can do is pray. Oh how I hope they return safely. How I wish every last one of them would return home safely...but knowing this won't happen, all I can pray for is that we lose as few as possible in our remaining time in Iraq.

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