May 1, 2004

So, I decided to go buy a lawn mower today. We are in charge of our lawn, and it's getting pretty long, and dandelions are all over. I found one for $100 at Wal-mart. My sister and I split on it. It should do the job; considering we have a very small lawn.

While out, I noticed that the greenhouses were now open. I bought a fuchsia last year and absolutely loved its gorgeous colors, so I stopped in. I found a fuchsia -- the same kind I had last year! It has rich dark fuchsia-colored petals, with an 2nd flower inside, but those petals are an absolutely vibrant royal purple. It's just amazing the natural colors out there in the world! Heavenly Father is just the best artist!! :) Last year I had bought the plant not knowing what it was, and I almost killed it. Fuchsias are very delicate, need lots of moisture and warmth. Their branches break easily. Luckily I did research on it and after pruning it last year, I was able to save it. Unfortunately once I brought it inside for the winter I forgot to prune back the branches and it died. I will know what to do this time around, though.

You can also do bonsai with fuchsias. I bet few people knew that! I don't plan on doing that, because I like to see as many blossoms as possible, but it's an interesting hobby some fuchsia enthusiasts participate in.

I also bought a bunch of annuals -- petunias, centuries, pansies and others, for my four patio boxes. Then I saw already budding lilac bush! Lilacs are my absolute favorite flower in the world. I love their rich scent and the beautiful light purple color. I was so excited at the prospect of having my own lilac bush! So I bought it, and it ended up being on sale for $20! Can you believe it???

Anyway, I know that I'm renting, and when I leave I will have to leave the lilac bush behind. But as my aunt said (who is an avid gardener), I can take some shoots from the bush when I leave and then plant those again. The sad thing about lilacs is that they don't stay in bloom for long, unlike the fuchsia, which blooms from April until October. Lilacs are around for about two or three weeks in May (in Wisconsin), and then the flowers go. Mine is already flowering, so I realize that in about a month it will probably be spent. But I do want to plant it by my patio door in my room so that I can have that wonderful smell waft in while I am sleeping at night. It is such a calming, familiar smell....I just love it.

I might buy a rose bush or two later. I know roses aren't easy to grow, but I'm up to the task. I really need a hobby, anyway. I have to keep myself busy to get my mind off things and memories. I would also love to take up professional photography, but the equipment is so expensive. I guess I could start by learning everything I can do with my digital camera. I don't even know what all the different flash settings are for, lol.

Anyway, I was feeling pretty badly this morning, but I spent 3 hours at Monona Terrace at the Madison Community Celebration where I manned the CCI booth, and I got three people to sign up for more information, so that is heartening. I then came home, and talked to my visiting teacher who came over. After talking to her and my Mom, my mood picked up considerably. When I went out to buy the lawn mower and then found all those lovely flowers, the excitement surged through me. Oh how I love to make things grow! How I love to see life...I love caring for my cats, the flowers, even my fish Nemo! I know I will be the same with children if I ever have any.

Well, I need to go buy gas so that I can actually mow the lawn tomorrow after church (if it doesn't rain again. Keep busy...that's what I have to do. So...bye, for now.

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