May 16, 2004

Today was a beautiful day again. It was a good Sunday. I was pretty nervous about my class today, and it turned out that I had like 30 people in there. 30 people! When I substituted for Jonathan in January, I had a small class. But then again, everyone was home for the holidays.

I decided I didn't want to "lecture", so I had everyone get in a circle to discuss. We discussed Abinadai and the exemplary missionary he was. We discussed the unseen missionary work, and the ripple effect. Abinadai was martyred, and willing to be martyred, not knowing if even one person was converted. Hey may have known that Alma believed his words, because Alma spoke up for him and was therefore cast out of his own kingdom. But Abinadai died with only that knowledge. However, someone did a study, and 23,707 people were converted because of Abinadai's mission. 23,707!!!!! It just goes to show that our examples and our willingness to share the gospel really makes a difference.

I encouraged the class to each ask themselves if they would be willing to share the gospel as Abinadai did. How strong are our testimonies? Do we really realize what this is about? What is the Atonement about? If we understand this, we truly would want everyone on this earth to know about it!

I guess I got a little enthusiastic cause people were smiling at me, but it was great. I was told by several people that they enjoyed the class. I'm excited about this calling, even though I am very lacking in the eloquence department. I just can't speak well. I get nervous. But this will be good for me.

I think I'm going to try and enroll in an night course on starting a business, cashflow management, or something similar, plus re-read some of my "Poor Dad, Rich Dad" books. I got very excited about some ideas last year but they kind of went to the wayside. I don't have a ton of time now, either, but it's all in how I manage my time, right? Brock has given me some ideas, and since he has such an amazing business sense, I figured his generosity in offering those ideas is something worth researching. I would like to get out of debt, but it's not going to happen anytime soon by just doing what I am doing. I have to use this mind that Heavenly Father has blessed me with, right? Besides, I have been still thinking about a mission. My enthusiasm for our discussion today in class surprised me yet again. Before Feburary I never had that desire! I just think it is simply amazing how I have changed in that respect. I just am so grateful and so happy for the joy that comes from the knowledge I have of the gospel...I just want to share it! I really do!!!

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