May 15, 2004

Well, I just got back from doing a little shopping. Well not really shopping (although I did pick up some funky new earrings) but I bought a rose bush:) Yes, an Oklahoma rose bush!

I don't know a thing about roses, but then again last year I didn't know a thing about fuchsias. I can learn. We'll see how I do with it. I was going to buy a bigger, larger tree, but I thought it would be foolish to spend the money on something that might die on me, so I just bought a small bush that was on sale for $10.

It is a beautiful day; although a bit chilly (58 degrees, but I love it that way), and hardly a cloud in the sky. I will have to take advantage of the rest of the daylight and go do some gardening. Then later I will go to the gym, and preparing my lesson for tomorrow.

Well, I am feeling a lot better. Things are never easy, mind you, and I'm a little wary, but I feel that I will be ok, and that is what counts.

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