May 25, 2004

Well, next week is going to be a busy and exciting week! On Friday my sister and I are leaving for West Lafayette, Indiana, to spend the Memorial Day holiday with Chiquita (Olvia), and, to celebrate her birthday with her and her ward:) We are coming home on Monday, and then Tuesday morning I'm hopping back into the car and driving down to Chicago for 4 fun-filled days and 3 nights in Chicago for the Mac Design Conference and Expo:) I got a hotel (Holiday Inn) right near O'Hare (same hotel where the pre-conference workshop will be:). Wireless internet again..woo hoo! A party on Wed night for all the Mac aficionados out there....just lots of fun stuff. My boss ordered my new PowerBook a few weeks ago, and I'm hoping it will come in this week sometime, but I doubt it will :(. Well, if that is the case my trusty iBook will have to do. I just can't do anything requiring lots of RAM or anything, but my work for those four days is attending the workshops, learning about Photoshop and finding out about all the new software and hardware out there that is Mac related:)

Work is going well. I keep hearing about how the Streaming Media website is gaining national attention. Since I designed it (along with the help of our senior instructional designer) I keep hearing all this great stuff. My boss is really happy with my work..a lot of people are:) Some of the other projects we are working on are going to also be on the same level. It is awesome knowing I work for an institution that is so well-known and is at the top when to IT in Higher Education. The people I work with are also nationally recognized and extremely talented. I am honored to work with them. Not only because it helps my own portfolio, but mostly because they are truly awesome people:)

Well, I'll be back in town Fri night (June 4th). The only thing that worries me a little is four days alone. I'm not great at making friends and I'm guessing many of the people at this conference are going to be older than I (well at least older than I feel :) I'm trying to find someone to come join me for a day or two and have fun! I have two free tickets to the Expo on the 2nd or a pool and everything at the hotel. My Mom can't even come, and she's more of a Mac nut than I am!! But it's the last week of school and they have tests to administer.

Oh well. Maybe Laurie can get off for a day or something. We'll see. Today we actually had roses are still gorgeous but they are drooping from all that rain. Everything is so freakin' green! Storm after storm after storm...and more storms in the forecast. Good thing they were wrong about today! It was nice:)

Anyway, I better go now. No real reason why..just that I've run out of things to talk about:)

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