May 20, 2004

Well, the symposium this morning went off without a hitch. I was rather surprised by my performance. I was a tiny bit nervous, but I delivered pretty smoothly. I had several faculty come up afterwards to tell me they really learned from my presentation, and that the way I presented it (showing before and after designs of webpages) really helped them to better recognize the importance of using color and graphics purposefully. I was even told I was an excellent speaker/presenter! Go figure; the woman with a lisp; the one who forgets what she wants to talk about half the time, and stumbles over words in large group settings...well, I guess I have it in me after all :)

It is so muggy outside! It's only 83 (well to me that's hot) but the humidity has got to be 100%. We were supposed to have strong storms but so far it's been only partly cloudy. The sun is unbearable. I have no money to go buy lighter clothes, so I have to re-use my Spring/Summer wardrobe throughout the week. Lots of skirts and sandals. Of course my favorite sandals have a 3.5 in heel, but since the sole is made of solid wood and it's a stacked heel, they are ok to wear. I can walk in them just fine.

Well, enough of that. I guess there isn't much else to say. Life is interesting. I was talking online to a guy yesterday (just finished his degree in marketing at BYU) and he had spent quite awhile in NYC before he went back to school. He was in Les Misérables! On Broadway! Wow. That's remarkable. Now that it's off-Broadway I will have to go see it somewhere else, but I do hope I can at least see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway before it, too, leaves.

Well, I have to get going. I might write more later.

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