May 6, 2004

Well, tonight was a girl's night. Laurie, Cristina, Gilly and I watched the final episode of Friends, ordered pizza, and then Cristina pulled out all her Mary Kay makeup and announced that everything was half-price. So the three of us went all vulture on her:) I got a bunch of stuff for under $30.

I spent the day preparing for the symposium in two weeks. I keep changing my presentation, but I think I finally got it whittled down to 10 minutes. 3 principles of web design:
1)Use color effectively
2)Use graphics to enhance content
3)Organize your information

FINAL PRINCIPLE: Use good design to add value and clarity to your content.

Ok that sounds pretty general, but there is sooo much that I could talk about, and I do only have 10 minutes. I just want to get across that WEB DESIGN = GRAPHIC DESIGN + INFORMATION DESIGN. So many people think web design is either strictly artistic, or strictly informational. Most don't understand that you need to use BOTH to convey your message in the strongest and clearest manner.

Well, enough bringing work home with me. I guess there isn't much to talk about. I heard this song on the radio this morning, "8th World Wonder". I thought it was beautiful; and I seriously have to say that it sure reflects how I felt.

Well, I have to go check on my flowers. I think some of them are permanently damaged from the frost last Saturday night. It doesn't help that this past week has been in the 70s, either. That extreme temperature change can't be good on them.

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