Jun 17, 2004

Now I am even more confused than ever! I guess all I can do is keep praying...and keep moving forward...and keep having faith...

Jess and I took Laurie out to dinner last night for her birthday. We went to a swanky restaurant in Johnson Creek. It had a waterfall inside, candles, even a fireplace (for winter, of course). The food wasn't divine or anything, but the atmosphere was cool.

What else? Since Bahman asked me to join Orkut, I met a guy who wrote me out of the blue. He wants to learn a bit more about the church. I'm sure he's just curious, but it's awesome that someone is actually asking me about it. That makes two people this year! Ok, that might not be a lot to some, but to me that is a record:) I feel just sooo good sharing the gospel!!!

My Mom tells me my life is like a soap opera. She and Auntie live vicariously through me. I personally don't think my life is that interesting; it's rather trying, and trying to match my decisions and own will to that of my Father in Heaven has been difficult (in certain aspects of my life, anyway). I've been over-protective of my heart and somewhat distant with people, but that is for obvious reasons. But Heavenly Father is still telling me the same thing....so all I can do is what James suggested; listen to what the Spirit whispers to my heart, and have faith. But I also, since I haven't received guidance yet, been making my own decisions about these "certain" things, as well. I guess I just need to trust in the Lord that what is supposed to happen will. At least I'm not burning any bridges or refusing to follow a different path. I love my Father in Heaven, and I will truly go where he wants me to go.

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