Jul 7, 2004

I wonder if Jeremy realizes that his blocking of my emails is not only a bit childish and hurtful, but it is sending the opposite message that he wants to send to me. It only confirms, rather than denies, his emotional attachment to me. Does this sound arrogant? I could care less. It's the truth.

It also is a concession of guilt. I don't block him...why? Because I know I didn't do anything wrong to him. He has, however. And he can't handle what he's done, so rather than try to fix it, he is trying to avoid it.

I'm the one who should be blocking HIM, not vice versa. I'm not the one who messed up..HE is. So what does that tell him? He continues to treat horribly the one who he's wronged, and the one who was wronged continues to be forgiving and loving?

Well, at least I have two men who see my worth and see my value...two men who have expressed their deep affection and affinity for me. They both play different roles in my life, but their continual support and love remains the same.

At least I know some men are indeed strong enough and assured enough of their own worth to be able to offer their love to others.

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